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Admin Features

BistroStays an AirBNB Clone have vital admin features that helps system admin to manage effectively and efficiently.

Admin Features Dashboard

Admin Dashboard - AirBNB CloneBistroStays is having central management system from were admin can manage whole system single handedly. Even small piece of information can be managed from admin dashboard.

Advanced modules of system includes Listing Management, Payments, CMS management, Neighborhood management, Collections, Newsletters and Email Campaign management, and many other useful things can be managed and even can be used automatically once set.

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Property Listing and Management

Property Listing - AirBNB CloneProperty listing is easy with NCrypted’s AirBNB Clone. Host can list their valuable but unused property for rent on BistroStays, they just need to fill up registration form to list their property using List Your Space button.

Once host completes with registration and submits the form, it goes into approval from site admin. Site Admin than manually approves the listing as per request and is visible online.

Reports and Statistics

Statistical reports can be checked using performance analytics in Manage Listing Section of user as well as Admin. You can avail 90 days data of analytics like Page Views, Inquiries, Reservation Made and similar kind of data.

This kind of data can be used to analyze listed property and can have exact picture weather you are earning or not, if earning how much you are earning. And can also able to find cause of not earning well to take necessary action.

User Management

System users can easily be maintained from User Management, after completing short registration process (either admin or sub-admin) user has to wait till system admin approves user or sub-admin account for further use.

Once the request is been processed by system admin, user will get confirmation link on their email address, user needs to confirm and can become active user of BistroStays.

Neighborhood Management

Neighborhood is basically a local editorial viewpoint and needed basic information about surrounding area of property listed. Visitor can explore neighborhood areas before they book accommodation online on Vacation Rental Software like BistroStays.

Neighborhood helps visitor to find pleasant accommodation as per their interest with relevant information of distinct neighborhood around listed property.

Content Management (CMS)

Admin can easily maintain content on website, content and pages includes Disclaimer, FAQs, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Legal and many other general content which is to be included on website can be managed using Content Management.

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