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Vacation Rental Script

Basic yet effective web based rental software, a property management system for managing vacation rental and holiday booking sites. Vacation Rental Script makes it simple for you to oversee vacation rental posts. An influential content management tool to control your vacation rental site: you have control over property posting, titles, content, users, visitor reservations, languages and more. Vacation Rental Script is compelling booking engine for single hotel. It is effective for online reservation system with real time accessibility and room booking functionality.

In this Internet age, its less demanding than ever to join with the vacation rental you had always wanted. You can browse photographs, regularly contact the homeowner with particular questions and, of course, get more value for your money than you would in a hotel. Also in case you’re a property holder looking to find a renter that is exactly as basic online.

Few Benefits why to buy Vacation Rental Script

Multi Language

As we all know that there are thousands of visitors are using these types of online reservation and rental websites. So it is nice to have local language translator in your website. Visitor can visit the website in their local language so your website can get more visitors on the web. Vacation Rental Script from NCrypted offers multi language feature so you don’t need to do customization for the same.

Effective management for business

To use this kind of online accommodation booking software is very easy. All operations which are done in an ideal vacation rental script is carried out very easily which is really a huge benefit. Property management in vacation rental script can be very easy from admin side as well as registered users’ level. Visitors can fish out very detailed information from the website which makes vacation rental script special.

Powerful admin panel

Simply to have a website with nice layout cannot bring success in online business. It is very basic but most important feature to have an admin panel from where whole website can be managed.  Vacation Rental Script from NCrypted has a very powerful admin panel from where website admin can manage whole website like content, users, listings, etc.

Key features of  AirBNB Clone

Admin features

Admin features can be accessed from Admin Dashboard. Only System administrator can access this dashboard and can make needed changes like host approvals, permissions, content settings on website etc.

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Host Features

Host features is provided to registered host on vacation rental script. Host can access this features through Host dashboard to add, edit, update and delete property listed and to maintain their account, inbox messages etc.

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Guest Features

Generally this features are for registered guest of vacation rental script who can book accommodation easily. Guest can maintain their profile, trips, accounts etc easily and efficiently. Check out guest features in details.

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Get detailed idea about several other features like Unique Features, Marketing and Promotional Features and last but not least Security Features. Visit AirBNB Clone Features.