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AirBNB Clone Admin Dashboard

AirBNB Clone Admin Dashboard

The architecture of Admin Panel is designed in such a way that an Admin can manage rich set of features using Admin Dashboard at ease. Using powerful admin dashboard admin can have total control over the system and global setting for entire site.

Property Management and Listing – Property is being managed from Property Management which includes room types, property types, amenities and bed types. Admin can perform operations like create, edit, delete, activate and de-activate using property management.

Overall listing can be managed using Listing Management either it been admin created or user/guest created. Listing will not be shown until an administrator activate the listing and if admin adds that listing to slideshow then it will be displayed on slideshow on home page. Settings related to listing can be done by user/admin from listing management.

Collection Management – Admin can manage collection and can perform add, edit, update, delete, activate and de-activate operations on it using Collection Management.

Groups Management – Admin only can create and manage several groups and members related to those groups created and can maintain all groups that is been created.

Payment Management – In-flow and Out-flow of transaction can be done using Payment Management. Payment to Host and Guest can be approved and done after specific procedure and approvals. Payments can only be managed by Admin.

FAQ Management – FAQs is the best way to give efficient services and solve issues of users. FAQs, Feedback’s, Testimonials and Questions can efficiently be managed by Admin User and solve the same.

User Management – Using User Management Admin can manage User and Sub Admins of website and can perform operations like add, edit, update, delete, activate and de-activate using User Management.

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