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Advanced Calendar Module

Advanced Calendar Module

One of the most important feature integrated with an AirBNB Clone is, Advanced Calendar Module that helps registered host to manage property booking and scheduling at ease and can navigate through

  • Your Listing
    • Manage Listing
      • Calendar

Using Advanced Calendar Module host can perform operations like

Calendar Synchronization – This helps host to update calendar and can keep up-to-date that gives exact idea about availability of their property which is immediately reflected on live website.

Availability Setting – Host can set availability of their property for specific date, month or year. An availability setting includes status like Available, Booked or Un-available which is marked with Green, Red and Grey respectively.

  • Dates marked with Green are available for accommodation booking
  • Dates marked with Red are booked on specified dates.
  • Dates marked with Grey are not available

One major advantage of Advanced Calendar Module is that you can directly Export updated calendar using Synchronization.

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Advanced Calendar Module

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