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BistroStays an AirBNB Clone`

BistroStays an AirBNB Clone

What Guest Really Wants or Look For?

It’s really very important to know what a traveler thinks when they browse places for comfortable accommodation stay while they are planning their next holiday tour. It’s been difficult for host to know what amenities are to be incorporated and what amenities are not to ensure desired experience is to be provided to traveler. So approaching from perspective of traveler is good but it’s almost impossible to structure property with complete amenities for a stranger from opposite planet.

It is possible that what guest wants aren’t covered in AirBNB Clone listing and to be aware of what things to be covered a host should make survey from across the . who has booked accommodation stay using AirBNB Clone. It would give some key things that are to be included which stood out from survey is:


Grand Central Terminal New York

Grand Central Terminal New York

Location is one of the most important factors for host to list property. Having exact address is not an important matter but they need to have nearby areas at walk able distance from the place where they book accommodation.

Traveler will just think of questions like, is place nearby restaurants, local markets, nightlife etc. Is street or road is quite late-night stroll normal?

So it’s important to list your property on maps in such a way that highlights nearby attractions and will be preferred more for booking.


Preferably Travelers travel by their own car or rented car. So if you have enough parking spaces then it would be an additional advantage especially in mega or metro cities and host must include this point highlighted.

Another important thing about parking is its suitability, whether it fits long cars or it is well suited for mini cars only. And guest would also like to know whether parking space available is covered or uncovered.


Noise is another crucial factor that a guest would like to know. Noises like garbage van arriving at 5am or neighbors with wooden floors have kids jumping on and making noises which disturbs guest in their peace holidays. Your accommodated property must be noise free or if you can’t control noise then you must find alternative such as ear plugs for the guest arriving or soundproof windows should be installed.

Sometimes guest may arise questions like if the noise is there then do you have alternatives to avoid noises.

Help amenities and utensils

Your guest might not be aware how to use amenities provided. System of amenities differ from use say suppose if you are providing heater that takes 40 minutes to heat a water after starting it, ac operating, DVD player, remote controls etc. If they won’t have idea about how to operate then they will not get entertainment.

Clean Amenities

Daily things are easy to gloss, but being a host you must think about what guest wants exactly and what they expect. If you are providing amenities and that is being shared by other apartments also they you must specify in the amenities provided otherwise guest might disappoint for same.

Let’s take another example of WiFi if you are providing WiFi facility then you must specify usage area to use because if you doesn’t specify and if they expect WiFi usage in room and room WiFi is not available then it could be disappointing.

It is but obvious that when it comes to what guest really wants so that they can come help to set expectation from the accommodated property and accordingly think to book the same.

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