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What BNB Platform is?

The basic meaning of BNB platform is “Bread and Breakfast” in which guest house owner provides facility of a night stay and morning breakfast in bedroom only and other course of meal is not included in it.

Increasing demand has lead guest house owner to hire clean-up and cuisine staff so they can get help from them, but if they hire skilled staff for same then they are not considered in BNB platform. BNB’s are operated in niche market, so as to serve with various niches such as,

  • Villa’s
  • Cosy Studio
  • Private Islands
  • Nano – Apt
  • Loft Studio Apartments
  • House Boats
  • Farm Stay
  • Tree House
  • Lavish Suits

These are some recent famous niches for BNB platform and there are many more you can check out if you are willing to go for BNB. There are several advantages of having BNB booked using BistroStays for weekend or travel stay,

  • Homely Atmosphere
  • Real Comfort
  • Unique Experience
  • Staff Perks
  • Added Amenities
  • Affordable Cost

Major advantages I had shared over here with the viewpoint of traveler, there are several advantages of being host also, people who are planning to start their own travel business, for them BNB is one of the good initiative to take.

BNB Inn is basically European hospitality which is been modified and polished in America, with intent to serve travel community people and especially people who are traveling in weekends for a day or 2. If you are planning to start BNB Inn you just need to have extra bedrooms with needed amenities and a website clone for marketing, even a person having single room can start up and can grow up.

You can be benefitted more if you have more locations with n number of rooms loaded with amenities, tie ups with travel agencies as well as BNB websites. Along with having more rooms at different locations, you can offer assistance for first time visitors about the use of rooms, amenities and providing sight scene information to travelers.

There are several ways to get benefit and marketing your business is one of the beneficial factors, you can market your business via numerous ways. Some of them are

  • Mouth Publicity: – One of the best efficient ways to market your business cost effectively.
  • Newspaper Advertising: – Small newspaper advertising on weekends would be an added advantage.
  • Listing with Broker and Magazine: – Get registered with reputed travel broker and travel magazine from where you can get publicity and even genuine enquiries also.
  • Display – List out services when you register with travel broker as well as magazine along with synopsis of brochure type.
  • Attraction – Treat customer with something special, so that they are attracted and you will also get publicity from that.
  • Be in Touch – You should stay in touch with your customers and especially new customers, give unique, special and attractive offers with special discounts via mails, telephone calls etc.

BNB platform has proved to be huge marketplace to discover accommodation around the world for people who are traveling in weekends.

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